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African Letters

NancyNancy Mbua vil løbene i tekst og billeder orientere om udviklingen i projektet
Nancy Mbua har i juli 2007 været i Danmark for at takke for hjælpen.




3_164_FvaWCmxnKf-150xMens de ventede på skolen – 26. Maj 2008

30 hjemløse gadebørn fra Nairobi fik deres egen bus, mens de ventede på, at den nye skole blev opført.

Af Johannes Abildtrup, AWE – Association for World Education and Humanity

Efter det første grundkøb af 10 acres jord i Kajiadu i Kenya til bl.a. opførelse af skole til gadebørnene, viste det sig at arealet var gammel Masai land, som englænderne havde lejet af Masaierne for 99 kr – lejeperioden udløb 2003! Det lykkedes mig at finde et tilsvarende areal udenfor Masai-området i Komarock 40 km syd for Nairobi, hvor det nu er planen at opføre skolen.

For at børnene i mellemtiden skulle have tag over hovedet, lykkedes det at fremskaffe en udrangeret bus, hvor børnene midlertidig kunne bo. Det viste sig, at der var fire piger imellem – heraf to teenagere på 14 år, som havde babyer. Dem fandt min kenyanske kontaktperson Nancy Mbua snart et andet indkvarteringssted til. Bussen blev løst af kl. 22:00, så dem, der kom senere hjem, måtte gå igennem den forreste hjulkasse op i bussen.

Desværre varede idyllen ikke længe, da en rivaliserende gruppe af gadebørn satte ild til bussen. En af drengene mistede i den anledning sin ene hånd.

Læs mere om AWE


AIDS-enkerne – 26. Maj 2008

30 AIDS-enker er samlet i gruppen Ngune Ikonge Women Group og tager om hinandens b�rn, hvis eller n�r de afg�r ved d�den.

Af Johannes Abildtrup, AWE – Association for World Education and Humanity
Da jeg s� p� grunden i Komarock, blev jeg pr�senteret for en gruppe p� tredive AIDS-enker. De havde lavet den indbyrdes aftale, at efterh�nden, som de d�de, ville de overlevende tage h�nd om de afd�des b�rn. Den tanke fandt jeg s� smuk, at jeg gav dem en acre af jorden, s� de kunne blive selvforsynende med gr�ntsager og ogs� s�lge ud af dem. De havde imidlertid ikke midler til at k�be redskaber og planter og fr�, s� med st�tte fra de internationale humanit�re organisation �Order of Sct, John of Jerusalem� har enkerne hver modtaget et mikrol�n, s� de kan f� gang i produktionen.

Nancy Mbua har arrangeret en smuk gr�n uniform til enkerne, som m�des �n gang om ugen, ligesom hun har arrangeret behandling for alle enkerne.

Brev fra Afrika
En af enkerne sendte mig i sommer nedenst�ende brev:

A friend

My name is Pricilla Katanu. I am HIV/Aids positive, jobless widow and was almost dying last year but God sent me a An Angel by the name of Nancy Mbua, who has given me back my life, by being there for me and others. I met her through my daughter (Vera) who is a friend of Anita.

Through her Nancy comes to clean for me, cooks, sends me clothing, books to read, Readers Digests. My daughter is no longer worried, everything comes from Nancy. The she told me you have helped her help the helpless and without she could not manage, though she has her big heart and smile!

She arranged for me and other ladies to stay in her house and attend the World Social Forum, meet people and pay for our transport , food, and upkeep. We are very happy and surprised she can do this to sick and unsick people and the rich will not come near us. I felt indebted to write to you and your kind help.

Best wishes for you from all the ladies who know you through Nancy.

Thank you.



Brev fra Nancy Mbua – 18. Marts 2008

Part Four:

In the camps feeding people  and canselling them the fotos show and the another funeral of Seth Mutie young widow who left behind two small children under the care of old grandmothers widows too.  Standing behind the casket with Susan with whiteblack hats. Members in funeral uniforms.

Blue and White dressed ladies are visiting a Catholic church for Easter Palm Sunday  some are widows of church .( Catholic Women Association).

Part Five:

I have also come across an old building which needs some repairs  and we are going to visit the place with Christian is about  600mtrs to our land and if repaired it can serve us with the kids you can see the kids outside, the owner has promised to give it  and we are sure to can feed the nearby orphans even make rooms .  The fotos of the building we were talking about could not attach but i will try tomorrow give you all fotos. The owner was asking if we need only the property to on rental but will come back to you after we visit the places with  Christian to form opinions.  I will inform you if we are going there tomorrow.

I know i have delayed many questions but  i was held on in the camps and will send fotos more for you and board.

The Network is going down and after i have send everything and will call you  will call you at
least  everyone was really in total mess  during violence.  I have fotos of widows with their small businesses on my next mail.

Have a good evening,


3_162_1A7ejLcbt4-150xFrokost i Gr�ften – August 2007

Entertaineren Johnny Reimar har senere ydet st�tte til k�b af arealet, og han vil i forbindelse med sit 50 �rs jubil�um til n�ste �r holde gallamiddag med underholdning til fordel for projektet.


3_163_IUR6CObpB9-150xNancy i Tivoli KBH. 2007

Nancy Mbua foran Gr�ften i Tivoli August 2007. (Hvem sidder der i bagrunden?)





Brev fra Nancy Mbua – 12. Oktober 2007

Dear Johannes,


We just have returned Sunday morning from LAMU ISLAND
in Coast of Malindi Town for a weeks HIV/Aids Women
Interaction where i took 4 of my members who are
members of VCT (Voluntary Center of Testing) and who
enjoys free monthly checking, and inside information
on HIV Awareness.

LAMU :  In this Island there are no cars at all they
use donkeys as way of communication. We stayed in
community Center  and we were over 40 women including
supervisors of the groups.  We met Muslim women who
have no voice to mention their HIV status or complain
dying in great numbers . Women shared their
experiences and how it helps to be in group and attend
Clinics this makes it easier for women not to have
children if they are awre of their status/ or know
they are positive. My group was 4 ladies and myself.
They will explain as we are Empowering Women about
their Rights  on good health in HIV/Aids status.

On my arrival on 20.08.2007 from Denmark i found three
of my widows very sck  and within a course of a week
one died. Mrs.E.Kioko this gave me a real challenge as
she never accepted she was HIV positive and she had
refused testing despite being sick on and off and not
very educated ( Johannes met this lady in my house as
a committee member) while sick one of the widows in
childbearing had sick child too  we had to help
otherwise the baby will die in the house for luck of
funds as the mother had 6 kids and she conceived while
in HIV positive status  and in such situation i stay
around the village and monitoring the progress of the

October saw the death of the other member who was also
Sick Mrs. Ruth Mutiso it took me and my group 2 weeks
to get clearence from the her family members to bury
her on 30.10.2007. All the same we won and were
allowed to bury her next to her late husband.  …with
usual african and family issues it takes long to solve
a problem or bury  a member. We might be ready for
burial but the fasmily has the last say!.

For Your Information:
We have agreed that any new member replacing the late
ones she has to agree to be tested for thsi makes
easier as they have monthly clinics to to be checked
the progress of Blood Count  and the growth of the
virus and if she should get new or Antivirial

Mrs.Alicia Abildtrup had donated her own Nokia Cell
phone which the widows officials are now using and
they said a Big Thank You to her.


Got a boost of tree donation for planting (200 trees)
of which we are waiting a date to plant and the widows
have taken the challenge to plant them when the
official date comes now they are under our care, were
donated by Enviromentalist affliated to Pro. Maathai.
Pro.Wangari Maathai:
Her office have given me confirmation that she will
grant me and interview whereby i will also present her
with your CV as the chairman of the Center. The
delaying issue is that now everymember of former
Parliament in Kenya  have gone back to the village to
look for votes and re-election and they are busy
campaining for 27.12.2007 elections.
The present situation due to  the Election fever makes
things abit slow in all offices. But i am real
positive things are moving at the right direction.

The Rains are starting and the widows had
Agricultural official who was to advise them if we
back on this).


Vera is sitting for her for Primary Final Examination
today hoping she will do well and Join High School.
Anita have closed her School next year she will be in
Form two  and have grown to a very huge young lady.

Young Mothers: (Wangui and Felista) who were placed at
home for young mothers with their babies are being
discharged end of this month after graduating one as
soloonist( Hairdresser) and the other as Dressmaker. I
am required to attend  the graduation representing you
and next year they will be independent individuals
running their lives because you gave them a start.
They promised to write to you.

You might have wondered why am not writing as required
this was due to spending most of the time with the
sick in teh village.
My Laptop i had to take to the specialist for language
change  be put new software  and the disc could not
run inorder to read so it it sbeing worked on.  Also i
had applied for the latest Kenyas Wireless Phone which
has Internet Facility and they are very cheap to run.
Will immediately in form you when i get conencted as
now i have to run few offices on the Awe Center
affairs so i will be on line any other day.
I quite sincerely apologise for delay in reply and the
inconvenience caused to everyone for my as my hands
were full.

Any other  mail sending serperate and if question
please do so am still at the internet.



Best regards,



Brev fra Afrika

A friend


My name is Pricilla Katanu, am HIV/Aids positive,
jobless widow and was almost dying last year but God
sent me a An Angel by the name of Nancy Mbua, who has
given me back my life, by being there for me and
others, i met her through my daughter(Vera) who is a
frend of Anita.

Through her Nancy comes to clean for me , cooks, sends
me  clothing, books to read, Readers Digests, my
daughter is no longer worried,  everything comes from
Nancy. The she told me you have helped her help the
helpless and without she could not manage, though she
has her Big heart and smile! to go with very strong
woman for her age.

She arranged for me and other ladies to stay in her
house and attend the World Social Forum, meet people
and pay for our transport , food, and upkeep. We are
very happy and surprised she can do thsi to sick and
unsick people and the rich will not come near us.

I felt indebted to write to you and your kind help,
only see your fotos.
Best wishes for you from all the ladies  who know you
through Nancy.

Thank you.


3_152_siyqjoA0ox-150xRidderorden – September 2006
Johannes Abildtrup er blevet h�dret for sit arbejde med AWE projektet ved en ceremoni i Skanderborg Slotskirke, hvor han blev udn�vnt til Knight of Honour i den internationale humanit�re orden “Order of Sct. John”



green widows2Mikrol�n til AIDS enkerne

Ordenen har netop ydet et mikrol�n til hver af de 30 AIDS enker s� de kan k�be afgr�der og redskaber til at dyrke den acre jord, som de modtog som gave af Johannes Abildtrup.


Mathai_ Waangari2Nobelpristager planter det f�rste tr� p� grunden i Kenya
Nancy oplyste. at den kenyanske nobelpristager og parlamentsmedlem Waangari Mathai vil plante det f�rste af mange tr�er hun har doneret til plantning p� grunden i Komarock. s� snart regntiden s�tter ind.



Reception 19. maj 2005 kl. 13 � 17

Denne dato var der reception for alle, som havde haft indsamlingsb�tter opstillet, samt for alle sponsorer og dem, der fremover er interesserede i at st�tte projektet.

Under receptionen blev indsamlingsb�tterne afleveret. Det er stadig muligt at f� udleveret nye b�tter. Henvendelse til AWE sekretariatet, Sejrs All� 40, 8249 Risskov.



  1. – 8. maj var AWE Center Kenya p� Kr�mmermarkedet ved Tangkrogen i �rhus. Der blev samlet penge ind med rasleb�tter og i det flotte telt, som var blevet stillet gratis til r�dighed af en af vore sponsorer, var der mulighed for at se nogle af de varer, som s�lges til fordel for projektet i Kenya. Varerne kan ogs� ses her p� siden.

Udryd Fattigdom Nu

L�rdag den 30. april var en opf�lgning p� den foreg�ende dags arrangement i Bruuns Galleri. Der var masser af aktivitet p� Store Torv i �rhus bl.a. med et stort gospelkor, opsendelse af balloner med 2015-budskabet og taler. AWE Center Kenya deltog naturligvis ogs� for at oplyse om, hvilke m�l FN har sat sig for at udrydde fattigdommen i verden i �r 2015. I flere byer i Danmark l�ste kendte personer den samme tale op – �rhus blev repr�senteret af r�dmand Flemming Knudsen.

Fredag den 29. april deltog AWE Center Kenya i 2015 kampagnen “Udryd fattigdom nu”, – en kampagne, der har til form�l at f� verdens ledere til at indse n�dvendigheden af en international indsats for at verdens forhold kan bedres. Arrangementet foregik i Bruuns Galleri, hvor der var rig mulighed for at bes�ge stande med forskellige organisationer, som fors�ger at g�re en forskel.


AWE Center Kenya har den 3. marts 2005 modtaget et meget venligt brev fra Leo Club �rhus Nord. Klubben er en ungdomsafdeling af Lions.

P� et m�de den 1. marts 2005 besluttede man at st�tte AWE projektet med 2.000 kr. Desuden blev der udtrykt �nske om at f�lge projektet i fremtiden og ogs� gerne h�re et foredrag p� et klubm�de.

Det er vi glade for at h�re p� AWE-sekretariatet og sender hermed en varm tak til Leo Club �rhus Nord. Hver 25-�re t�ller � og de 2.000 kr. svarer til at et barn kan f� mad hver dag i over et �r.


Supermarkedsk�den Aktiv Super

Supermarkedsk�den Aktiv Super har st�ttet projektet p� ypperlig vis ved at lade 25 indsamlingsb�tter opstille i k�dens butikker. Der er blevet indsamlet et p�nt bel�b til fordel for gadeb�rnene i Kenya. Ogs� trods det faktum, at fokus har v�ret rettet kraftigt mod ofrene for flodb�lgen i Asien. Men regner man efter, s� h�nger �regnskabet� ikke helt sammen. For rent faktisk bliver Afrika udsat for det, der svarer til 8 asiatiske flodb�lger om �ret. Det s�tter tingene lidt i perspektiv! Heldigvis er Nordmand fra k�den Aktiv Super bevidst om dette og tilb�d at stille indsamlingsb�tter op i samtlige butikker. Vi m� ikke glemme Afrika!


Johannes Abildtrup

Da Johannes Abildtrup i november 2004 var i Nairobi forhandlede han bl.a. tilbud p� bygning af skole, el, vand, kloak mv. Nogle af tingene er nu ved at falde p� plads.

Endvidere blev mulighederne for at oprette et Kenya-Scandinavia Trade Center unders�gt. Tanken er ikke ny, da Johannes Abildtrup tidligere har haft stor erfaring med et Trade Center i Iran.

Id�en bag et s�dant Trade Center er, at der i hhv. Kenya og Danmark oprettes kontorer/centre, hvor skandinaviske lande og Kenya i f�rste omgang kan tilbyde deres produkter via en hjemmeside og knytte kontakter. P� denne m�de kan de respektive firmaer f� fremvist deres produkter samt have en repr�sentant med kendskab til b�de sprog og kultur.

Har du et firma, som er interesseret i at skabe kontakt med Kenya, s� ring til Kenya-Scandinavia Trade Centers sekretariat p� tlf. 40 19 40 18, hvor du kan indhente n�rmere information.

Johannes Abildtrup

Johannes Abildtrup rejste den 10. november til Nairobi bl.a. for at forhandle tilbud p� bygning af skole, el, vand, kloak mv.

Endvidere unders�gte han mulighederne for at oprette et Kenya-Scandinavia Trade Center.

Udover en lang r�kke m�der med forskellige officielle instanser i l�bet af det 10 dage lange program holdt Johannes Abildtrup ogs� m�de med journalist Helle May, som deltager i Jyllands-Postens Explorer ekspedition med ballonflyvning over Kenya. Se mere herom p�
L�s mere om rejsen og oplevelserne under �Presseinformation�. �


Januar 2009

Den 22. Januar havde DR P4 et interview med Johannes Abildtrup, som fortalte om AWE projektet.

AWE s�ger nu kontakt med internationale humanit�re organisationer, og vil donere n�dvendigt jord til opf�relse af rescue center og skole p� grunden i Komarock til den/de organisationer.som vil bygge rescue center og/eller skole p� grunden.

AWE har rettet henvendelse til deltagere i �Danmarksindsamlingen� og ogs� f�et kontakt til international humanit�r organisation i Nairobi.

Opf�relse af rescue center vil andrage ca. 50.000 US dollar. M�nedlige udgifter inkl. mad til 30 b�rn ansl�es til ca. 1800 US dollars pr. m�ned

AWE har brug for en pumpe til h�vning af vand fra nabogrunden. Vi vil nu rette henvendelse til relevante sponsorer.

AWE har rettet henvendelse til �rhus Kommune med henblik p� at etablere business to business og people to people kontakt mellem Nairobi og �rhus.

Dan J�rgensen EU parlamentet vil ligesom den �vrige AWE bestyrelse nu arbejde m�lrette for at f� nye AWE medlemmer. Medlemmerne bestemmer selv kontingentet, dog minimum kr. 50,- pr. �r.

AWE har udelukkende frivillige medarbejdere og ingen administrationsomkostninger, s� alle indkomne bel�b g�r ubesk�ret til arbejdet for b�rn og AIDS enker i Kenya.


December 2008

K�re AWE st�tte,


Med �nsket om en gl�delig jul og et godt og lykkebringende nyt�r beder b�rnene og AIDS enkerne i Kenya m�g om at overbringe dig en stor tak for din st�tte i det forl�bne �r, og med h�bet om, at du ogs� i det kommende �r vil yde din st�tte


Ligesom i det forl�bne �r har vi besluttet at du selv bestemmer kontingentet til Foreningen dog minimum kr. 50,- pr. �r.


S�dan g�r du:


  1. G� ind p� vores hjemmeside, hvor du kan tilmelde dig og l�se mere om projektet samt se hvordan du kan st�tte projektet i �vrigt. Se �st�ttemuligheder�, for at l�re mere om hvordan man kan st�tte projektet. Eller klik her for at blive st�ttemedlem.


  1. Har du ikke netbank, kan du sende kontingentet med check til Ringkj�bing Landbobank, Torvet 1, 6950 Ringk�bing AWE konto 7670-1782973 eller til AWE c/o Johannes Abildtrup, Sejrs All� 40, 8240 Risskov.


S�fremt du har en email adresse, som vi endnu ikke har registreret, bedes du sende den til


For at kunne deltage i landsindsamlinger m.m. skal vi kunne m�nstre 300 medlemmer.


Det er derfor meget vigtigt at du fornyer dit medlemsskab, og ogs� gerne fors�ger at hverve nye medlemmer.


P� forh�nd tak for din st�tte.



Med venlig hilsen,


AWE Center Kenya


Johannes Abildtrup



Sendt dels pr. email til kendte email adresser, samt pr. brev til medlemmer uden oplyst email


November 2008


Situationen i Kenya for gadeb�rnene er pt. s�dan, at det formentlig bliver n�dvendigt at oprette et rescue center for b�rnene inden de kan p�begynde en uddannelse.


Vi arbejder for tiden med at f� realistiske budgetter for etablering og drift af rescusecenter for 30 b�rn med plads til udvidelse.


AIDS enkerne har bedt om at kunne disponere mere jord til dyrkning af afgr�der ud over den ene acre, som de allered disponerer. – se ans�gning nedenfor.



  1. O. BOX 59476-00200




The Chairlady,

Ndiwa Ngune Ikonge Women Group,




Dear Madam,


Re: Land Reference No. 18332 � Koma.

The Board of Trustees of Association of World Education (Awe) – Kenya has resolved to let the widows in your Women Group cultivate a portion of the above referenced land apart from your share of land given to you by Mr. Johannes Abiltrup which measures to 1 acre but we allow you for more  land  to plant seasonal plants.



The reason for this decision is to assist the widows get subsistence in these hard economic times. In this regard, the Project Manager of the Association will show you the area for your use at a date of which will be communicated to you.


Please note that this arrangement will be for a limited period, that is, until the Association is ready to develop the property for the furtherance of its objectives.


Kindly confirm your acceptance by appending your signature here below after which we shall work out the modalities.


Yours sincerely


Margaret Riungu                                         Nancy M. Mbua

Project Co-ordinator Manager

for Awe Center


for Awe Center
Susan Matheka



I hereby confirm that on behalf of Ndiwa Ikonge Women Group I accept to cultivate a portion of Land Reference No. 18332 for the period to be agreed upon.


Signed by Susan Matheka on behalf of )

Ndiwa Women Group Members.)



Det er de blevet bevilliget. Dyrkningen har til dato v�ret forsinket p� grund af t�rke i Kenya, men nu er regnen kommet.


I mellemtiden har nogle af enkerne valgt at bruge deres mikrol�n til at starte souvenir-butikker f.eks.Theresa Wambina � se billeder.

DSC00564 DSC00562


September 2008

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Auktionen har indbragt ca 30.000 kr. som ubesk�ret vil blive brugt til

videreudvikling af projektet.