Om AWE Center Nairobi Kenya

For over 15 years, our passionate Association for World Education, AWE has been enriching the lives of many children. We are deeply rooted in the belief that education and humanity are the most useful tools for enhancing an individual’s capacity. This is why we, as voluntary employees gladly join association or clubs concerning projects that have charity as the focus.

A non-profit organization with the main objectives being philanthropy. After our founder (Johannes Abildtrup) saw a group of homeless children, he had an opportunity to keep in touch with them and observe their innermost desires. Consequently, he created a desire to build an all-inclusive home for these children in the city of Nairobi. This desire to create a sense of belonging for the street children, poor and widows is, therefore, the perfect charity description.

Who Are We?

We are six friends with several years of volunteering in between us. Together, our association puts poor street kids in the schools around their communities and support widows. This does not go without receiving support from several arts and culture, sports, and policy organisations.

Our Team

We have a multidisciplinary team that has shared similar passions and goals. Together, we have forged a strong partnership that can only get better with your contribution. There are four of us in Denmark:

  1. Johannes Abildtrup
  2. Alicja Abildtrup
  3. Turu Thomsen
  4. Jesper Thomsen

Our members in Kenya are:

  1. Nancy Ogudo
  2. Collins Dimba

What Do We Do?

Initially, our focus was on integrating street and poor kids into formal educational systems. We work with widows in marginalized communities, helping them cope better with their peculiar needs.

However, we have evolved. What we currently do is integrating farming to create sustainable solutions. The advantage of this is that we address a wider range of economic problems. Knowing that about a quarter of the world suffers from one micronutrient deficiency or the other, we had to think of ways to use our natural resources to explore the power of agriculture.

Our Mission

Education: With more attention on formal education, part of our mission is to help street children and the less privileged to attain a decent level of education. We do this by providing the necessary funds for school fees. This provides them incentives to stay in school.

Food Security: This involves eradicating hunger and providing enough food to aid better nutrition for the children. Malnutrition can easily lead to the economic recession and developmental regression. Through our farming projects and campaigns, we equip families with the knowledge and tools for self-sustenance

Economic Empowerment: We seek to empower households with the appropriate technologies. These technologies not only combat the food insecurities, but they are also effective on a much larger scale as sales of farming produce would significantly the economy.

Climate Change: Contributing our own quota of efforts to reduce the effects of global warming, we are out there to encourage tree planting. By integrating agricultural practices into school curriculums, we would then create a platform for enjoying the benefits of trees as individuals and as a society.

The Main Agenda Of Our Charity

Our charity has one agenda. Annual programs and regular meetings to foster charity. This agenda becomes fully fulfilled when we see the smiles on the faces of those whose lives we have touched. Thus, we are out there to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged in every community that we reach out to.

Our Vision

Building human capacity and creating a platform for people to be better versions of themselves.